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Carl "The Gresh" Gresham

I am so sorry to report the death of my beloved HELEN at 4-30pm in the Harrogate District Hospital on Thursday, 20th September 2012. Helen was my partner for many years and in that time I was proud of the way she would light up a room with her smile. Our show-Biz friends loved to be in her company and when she married Stephen Farrimond I was welcomed into family. My love goes out to Stephen and the Girls Katie and Sarah, and of course Sarah's son Adam who celebrated his 5th Birthday just recently. Please Rest in Peace my Darling!


Thank you to Martin O'Connell who took this picture at my Birthday Bash on 19th April 2012! A loving memory I shall never forget.


Beautiful Helen with daughter Katie and Frazer Hines.

Jayne Mansfield

Here's a chance to see the Promotional "You Tube" Presentation for the new DVD "JAYNE MANSFIELD - From Hollywood To Yorkshire" And when you purchase the DVD which is available directly from or your usual on line stockists like Amazon (both here and in the USA) you'll see The Gresh for over 8 Minutes throughout this 51 Minute DVD talking about the time I was the Press Officer at Batley Variety Club when Jayne Mansfield appeared there for a week. There's some amazing stories that you simply won't have heard before! Enjoy this promotional clip, then treat yourself to this amazing insight into the real JAYNE MANSFIELD. And BUY your copy today!..The Gresh awaits with more stories of that memorable week with Jayne.

An interview with Frank Carson


Play the interview I recorded at St. George's Hall in Bradford with Frank Carson.

This is the complete and unedited interview I recorded at St. George's Hall in Bradford with Frank Carson. A couple of things to mention, firstly you'll hear some tannoy announcements and secondly Frank talks about his friend Ken Goodwin who at that time was very ill. Sadly since Frank's inteview was broadcast Ken died on Saturday, 18th February 2012. Hope you'll enjoy 13 Minutes in the company of this sadly missed comic genius. Died on Saturday, 18th February 2010 aged 78

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Book Reviews!

The Beckindale Bugle
THE GRESH - A Lifetime in Show-Biz - is a lovely relaxing read, bringing back memories of many favourite stars, and providing some fascinating insights. I polished it off in three sessions, and can tell you it was a real "feel good" experience, an excellent choice for anybody who remembers the TV and radio golden days of the '60s, '70s and '80s, and who has ever queued up for the pleasure of shaking hands with a favourite star and gaining a cherished autograph at public appearances.
Read the rest of the Review on The Beckindale Bugle by clicking here

An Hour In The Company Of Joanna Lumley

My Archive Producer for my BCB Radio programmes Dave Perrett was able to take a master tape recording I did over 32 years ago at Pennine Radio when I was doing my series "An Hour In The Company Of..." I'd already provided Joanna with specially signed "Greshpics" for her Personal Appearances deal with BURTON Shops. The personal Signature below, was given to me on the day of our recording.

It's a record as far as I'm concerned as once Joanna started talking we did 57 Minutes without any music. This programme was broadcast from BCB in Bradford on Monday and Tuesday, 15th and 16th July 2013. I'm so proud of this programme and I got lots of great reviews when it originally went out on Pennine Radio. You can hear the Gresh world wide on Mondays at 1-00pm Repeated Tuesday mornings at 9-00am> And from Mid-September to Mid-April I'm also heard on Sundays between 11-00am and 12 Noon.

I recently sent Joanna a CD copy of the programme and this was her reply. Thanks Joanna.

Jo Lumley

The Telegraph & Argus

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The Gresh on YouTube!

Carl Gresham Remembers Ernie Wise

Carl Gresham - Right to Reply

Carl Gresham - Pilot Programme featuring Geoff Love and Gemma Craven

Carl Gresham talks to Look North about his Record Collection

Hughie Green and The Gresh meet the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Woolworth call for Greshstyle Appearances.

This site will be regularly updated every week, so don't miss a word - or a new picture!

All the photos appearing in the slideshow can be found in the general 'Gallery' or in the many specialist sections with are headed: "Gresh on the radio", and the "exclusive" Farrimond Collection. What's in the new book is to be published later this year, or early 2009.

There is a whole range of merchandise items for sale in the 'Set sale or Auction' page, along with rare EP's and an 'Autographed' sale!

"The Gresh" on Pennine Radio - Jingle sent by Brian Cooke to Melanie Perrett

The Gresh on Pennine Radio

45's Record Sale

At Last the Gresh has started to include all his 45's and LP's that are still in stock and for sale. The Minimum price I'll accept is £25.00 which includes P &P anywhere on mainland U.K. There are some exceptions and these prices are clearly marked for each item.

So here we go with the 45's - all listed alphabetically according to record Label. so CBS with prefix AAG are at the beginning and CBS with Numbers only as prefix appear at the end of the list. I would be prepared to "Do a Deal" for quantity purchases, and please remember these 45s are in Virgin/Unplayed condition and 99% of them are in their original record company sleeves.

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Fantastic photographs of Bradford over the years and news of local events, click the below logo to view the site!.

Bradford eye

Gresh's Pride And Joy.....

At long Last I've been able to purchase my favourite car of all time, I've driven many upmarket cars, And throughout in the 70's I bought seven brand new volvo's...And now thanks to the advice of my dear friend PETER WIGHTMAN who surfed the web looking for the "right" vehicle - suggested I took a test Drive in this S60. Well it's been my pride and joy for many years and i'm a happy "Gresh" drive.

Pride and joy

Pride and joy